Design Services

Let professional designers take over the UX/UI of your IoT project

Our Design Services

Our team of 2D and 3D can support your team to develop advanced design fitting your needs. There are several good reasons to collaborate with us on design tasks:

  • Unbeatable price/quality ratio
    Our Ukrainian based team will handle your design tasks at an unbeatable price for a perfect quality
  • Professional communication
    Our western educated project managers will ensure the smooth communication between our teams. Outsourcing your design to us will save you time, money and effort. Give us the tasks and we will handle everything
  • Advanced IoT experience
    Our team of designers have advanced experience in IoT and building management related tasks. We have an important track record of 3D floor views and HVAC equipment design. We speak the same language.
Our Skill
2D/3D Equipment Rendering

For graphical pages or technical rendering, with or without animation

3D Floors and Building Rendering

With zoning and inclusion of equipment and HVAC layers

UX/UI Design

Pieces of Equipment for duct work, dashboard interfaces, logo, icons

3D Equipment

Car charging Station


2D fan for ductwork

Floor with HVAC

Simple shapes

Campus View

Texture Only

Basic Floor Plan

Lower End

Building View

With details

3D Skyscraper Complex

In Canada

Denis Sofonov

Technical Director

Office Building View


Building View

With details

3D building with reflection

For office building in Canada

Denis Sofonov

Technical Director