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Back-End Development

Get your data right for your IoT project

Our Back-End Services

Sviteco can support your organization in getting the data from your connected devices available, properly structured and formatted to be used in an optimal way in your systems. Our skill allo

  • Driver development
    We develop the drivers allowing to access and use the data from your connected devices in any data management system among which Niagara Tridium or the open-source system DSA
  • Data Structuration
    Our team is proficient with both Niagara Tridium technology as well as DSA open-source system. We can develop any type of data structuration instruments using java or dart technology
  • Architecture and Infrastructure
    We take the lead in planning an building the technological architechture to realize the IoT solution you need. We will take care of hosting, databases, security managements and all other back-end related aspects crucial for your project.