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Building Management Solution (BMS)

We develop your building management system from A to Z, starting from collecting and organizing your data to finalizing your user interface. In details:

  • Energy Supply and Distribution;
  • Security. Access and video surveillance systems; elevators, escalators;
  • Water supply and sewerage;
  • Data management. Controllers, Driver Development;
  • KPIs monitoring. Summary dashboard, Analytics report, Heatmaps, Fast Export;
  • HVAC management. Systems and Duct Work 3D Design. Thermostat management;
  • Lighting control;
  • Auxiliary and other systems;
  • Equipment Control. Alarm Management.

Smart Metering System

We enable you with a metering management platform ensuring your company gets on the path for a continuous decrease of its energy consumption. No leakage or losses will remain undetected. In details:

  • Meter Monitoring. Data Gathering, Flexible sorting, Energy Counter Digital Twins;
  • Alarm Management. Notification System (Email, Chatting system), Offline alerts, Consumption Pick Alerts;
  • Consumption Monitoring. Metering Data Easy Export, Consumption Share Analysis, Consumption Pick Detection;
  • Other KPIS. Mapping Views, Heat Map Display, Energy Flow Visulization.

IoT Custom Solution

We develop a fully custom solution to address your very special needs for communication and interaction with your connected devices.

  • Facility Operator Solutions. Tablet Optimized, Interface Builder, Monitoring and Operating Functions;
  • End-User Application. Mobile Optimized, Secured Log-in, Comfort Management;
  • Public Targeted Interfaces. Flat Screen Touch Scree Optimized, Intuitive user friendly interfaces, Self Demoing interface.

IoT Data Service

We provide and implement tools to access and make an optimal use of your company’s device data. We are fluent with the following technologies:

  • Distech Control. Driver Development, Data Management;
  • Tridium Niagara. Driver Development, Data Management;
  • DSA OpenSource IoT Technology. Link development, Link Upgrade, Maintenance and Optimization;
  • And JAVA, Dart, JavaScript, NodeJS. You have back-end issues? Contact us.

2D/3D Design Services

We create the best 2D and 3D renderings for your projects. Our Price on Quality Ratio is unbeatable. We develop:

  • 3D/2D Equipment views. For ductwork or any type of industrial drawings;
  • Floor Plans. Lower or Higher-end detail rendering, HVAC layers, detailed furniture, equipment;
  • Building Rendering. Offices, Factories, Apartment Buildings, realist or schematic views;
  • Campus View Rendering. Universities, Neighborhood, Research Center, realist or schematic views.

Hardware Devices

You need a specific type of hardware equipment? We may be able to help you. We propose:

  • Modems. Distech Eclypse, Niagara Jace and other;
  • Sensors. Motion, Humidity, CO2;
  • Energy and Water Meters. Low consumption, affordable, high compatibility.


You need guidance to help you make the best out of your connected installation, our team can provide consultancy service to help you achieve your objectives. We can help you with:

  • Company Audit. Technical and operational gap assessment;
  • Product Design. Collaborative definition of the needs of your organization;
  • Specification writing. Technical writing and identification of providers;
  • Digital Transformation advisory. Strategic advisory on digital transformation of your facility;
  • Agile development. Best practice digital project management;
  • Continuous improvement.
Areas of Activity

Our solutions bring value in all sectors where connected installations can make a difference.

our skills


Our broad skill-set can assist you on any of your IoT related project. Check here what we can do.

  • Desktop Dashboard Development
  • Custom Tablet, Mobile Webapps
  • IoT related Mobile App IoS or Android
  • Flat touchscreen optimized interface
  • Driver Development
  • Java Driver Development
  • Dart, NodeJS services
  • Need Assessment
  • Scope Definition
  • Agile Project Management
  • Continuous improvement
  • 2D interface developments
  • 3D equipments design
  • 3D Floor Design
  • 3D Buildings and Campus Design
  •  IoT Solutions with IoT Devices
  • IoT Solutions with Subscription System
  • IoT Solutions with Tier Solutions
  • Specification Gathering
  • Sourcing through partner network
  • Connection and negotiation support
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Who we are

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Sviteco Company
Founded in Ukraine in 2014

For 8 years Sviteco helps retailers and industrial businesses from around the world improve their efficiency through IoT Solutions

Distech Offical Business Partner

Sviteco is the official distributor of the DGLux platform by AcuityBrands and Distech Controls

Certified Niagara Engineers

Sviteco's team is TCP certified on the Tridium Niagara technology. We can help you on back-end management.

Our team
Oleksandr Shliak

Chief Executive Officer

Etienne Mottet

Chief Operational Officer

Mikhail Krasinsky

Chief Development Director

Denis Sofonov

Technical Director

Nikolay Mironchenko

Back-End Manager

Denis Sofonov

Technical Director

Alina Yarish

Head Designer

Andrii Holubov

Director Middle-East

Denis Sofonov

Technical Director

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Contact-us and we commit to come back to you within 1 business day with information about our service or time slots for a demo. Looking forward to helping you !