Front End

Front End Development

Management Interfaces for your connected devices and equipments

Our Front-End Services

Our team of designers and Front-End developers develop the dashboards and management interfaces allowing to make the best out of your connected equipments and devices. Among others we can propose the following types of interfaces.

  • Facility Navigation
    Our interfaces allow you to navigate through your buildings and floors to monitor energy consumption, temperature control or any other key parameters of your equipment performance.
  • Building Management Sites
    Allow your facility manager team members to monitor, control and act on the connected equipment of your facility. Interface is optimized for a fast reaction to anomalies and continuous improvement of efficiency.
  • Summary Dashboards
    At a glance, your team is getting access to the key performance indicators for your activity. Our designs can include charts, widgets and dynamic maps to help get the best snapshot on your business.
About our Front-End Services
Our Tools

Sviteco is using the technology DGLux from DGLogik to develop its front-end interfaces

Our Skill

Our team is proficient with all modern front-end technologies: React.JS, Angular.JS, BootStrap, Jquery, HTML5...

UX/UI Services

Our developers work hand-in-hand with designer and UX/UI experts to deliver you the best user experience

Interfaces examples
Summary Dashboard

For Metal factory in Ukraine

Tablet App

For Valve Control on gaz technician training center

Flat Screen Energy Monitoring

For high-school students

Flexible Report Builder
Consumption Heat Map

For factory in Ukraine

Share Consumption Report

For Metal Factory in Ukraine

Object Overview

For supermarket in Middle-East

Building Complex Navigation

For Office Building in North America